Easy Beauty - Precious Caviar Moisture Essence  220Ml

Easy Beauty - Precious Caviar Moisture Essence 220Ml

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Thanks to the latest state-of-the-art technology. This kind of high-class essence is made up of a number of minerals from the ocean penetrating several tiers of your skin, offering all-day moisturizing, repair, regeneration, wrinkle-smoothening and also dissolution of pigment sediments. Classic excellent series for whitening and removal of spots and wrinkles. How to use: Apply to deal with every morning and also night. Appropriate for every skin types, including normal, dry and dehydrated skin types. Could perhaps employ with each other with Intensive Caviar Essence (L90906) as a stroke gel for peeling skin or perhaps dermic dehydration developing on the face, hands, feet or body, triggering moisture content absorption with instant effect. Before drying after shower, apply Apple Stem Cell Moisturizer Day Cream (L90910) for the body followed by Precious Caviar Moisture Essence (L90950). Try to massage till full absorption. Enjoy your smooth and elastic skin loaded with moisture.